Operating Code/Rules & Policies

2016-2017 Missouri Valley AAU District Operating Code

Note:  The following shall serve to be the MV operating code.  Unless noted within all other requirements should follow the AAU guidelines.


MV District Rep:  The District Rep will serve as the MV leader and the liaison between the MV membership and the AAU office.  Current District Rep is Angie Curtis - CATTS Gymnastics

District Rep Election:  The District rep is voted on by the MV membership.  The position will be voted on every 4 years.  The next election will be held during the 2018 District Championships.  We also formed a committee of the following positions that will be held for 2 year terms.  Secretary/Treasurer, National/Regional Rep, Marketing, Judge Liaison.

District Rep Fee:  Each MV AAU team shall submit an additional $5 each year with District Meet Fees for current year’s membership.  Any team not attending the District Championship shall submit the $5 membership fee to the District Championship Host Team by date set by host team.  It is the Host team’s responsibility to submit a check to the District Rep within 30 days of championships.

AAU District Membership:  Each team competing in the AAU MV must register all gymnasts and coaches to be on the competitive floor and to vote on district matters

MV AAU Levels:  MV will compete compulsory Levels 1-5, and Optional Levels Xcel Gold, Xcel Platinum, 7, 8, Open Optionals and Ladies Division following the Xcel Platinum guidelines. 

MV AAU Meeting:  The MV district will have its annual meeting during the district championship each year.  In addition AAU clinics may be held in the Fall and any other time as decided by membership or the District Rep.

AAU District Championships:  Teams wishing to bid for the next year’s championships shall submit a written or email bid to the District Rep by April 1st each year.  AAU membership will vote for a winning bid at the annual meeting.

Voting Policy:  Each MV team is allowed 1 vote.  District Rep will determine if the vote shall be a hand or written ballot.  Other items as needed may be voted on via email as deemed necessary by the District Rep.

AAU Competition Schedule:  Any preliminary dates to host competitions should be presented at the District Meeting.  Only 2 meets will be allowed on the same weekend.  A final AAU competition schedule will be presented after the Sept 1 deadline. 


MV AAU Competition Rules & Policies

Sanctioned vs. Unsanctioned Meets:  All AAU meets hosted in MV must be sanctioned by AAU.  Submission of proper forms & fees must be made to AAU.  Any meet that is not sanctioned may not use the terms AAU in promotional materials and may not be used for qualification to the District Championships.  Any unsanctioned meet must notify gyms in promotional materials of the rules they will be following:  such as awards, entry fees, admission fees, rule changes.  There is no such thing as an Unsanctioned AAU meet.

Meet Fees:  Individual Meet Entry Fees shall be charged as follows or will not exceed the following amounts:

                       Meet hosted in house:  $40

                        Meet hosted in house but renting equipment: $45

                       Meet hosted in outside facility:  $50

                       District Championships:  $60

                        Team Entry Fees:  $30 per team per level maximum.

Spectator Admission Fees:  Spectator fees are set as follows: 

Adults $5, Children (3-12) $3, Kids under 3 are FREE.

Awards:  MV has adopted the following award requirements.  Only medals/trophy’s given for awards.  No Ribbons.

                        Level 1& 2: All Age groups 100% placement

                        Level 3 & up:  All age groups with more than 5 gymnasts will be awarded

                        50% +1

                        Team Awards:  100% of teams entered with paid team entry fee shall be awarded a trophy or plaque.

Award Age Groups:  It is recommended that age group awards not exceed a maximum of 13 places at all sanctioned meets and not to exceed 12 at District Championships. 

The age span cannot go more that 3 years in any level.  If there is a single competitor the meet director can contact teams about combing age groups to have some competition.  

Date for determining age groups will be 1st Day of National Championships, which is 6/21/2017

Age to Compete:  A gymnast must be 5 yrs old in order to compete in an AAU meet. 

Mobility:  Gymnasts may change levels prior to March 1st but must compete at the same level after that date.  Gymnasts must compete at the District Championships in the same level they intend to compete at the National level.

Equipment:  FIG equipment shall be provided for all completions.  Aero Boards are allowed in all levels of AAU competition.  The Host gym shall supply or arrange for a minimum of 2 aero boards for all Capital Cup or Modified Capital Cup competitions.  In addition regular vault boards should be provided for vault, bars, and beam.

For District Championships an outside facility with rented core equipment is mandatory.

Meet Format:  Most MV AAU meets are run in a modified capital cup format.  Teams should be notified in advance of the meet of the format you will be using in promotional materials.

Event Warm-ups:  All warm-ups should be timed as follows:

                        Level 1-5: 1 minute per gymnast

                       Level 7, Gold & Platinum, Ladies: 1.5 minutes per gymnast

                        Level 8, Open Opt: 2 minutes per gymnast

 Large teams are recommended to split their group to eliminate a backup during competition.  Small teams may elect to block time with other teams.

                         Note:  Competition will not be timed.

Routine Exceptions:  The following exceptions shall be made in all MV AAU competitions, otherwise follow the AAU guidelines as posted on www.aau-sports.com.  Please note that for AAU Age Group Nationals and Jr Olympics all routines will follow what is listed on the AAU website as competitive routines. 

                          Vault:  All gymnasts at all levels shall be allowed 3 warm up vaults and 2 competitive vaults.

                          Bars:  Level 1: a gymnast may take off one or two feet for pullover, add a cast before any dismount (.3 deduction should be taken if the cast is omitted)

                                       Level 2: add cast staddle sole circle as dismount choice

                          Beam:  Level 3:  replace cross handstand with ¾ handstand option

                          Floor:  Level 2:  replace bridge kickover with backbend kickover or backwalkover              

District Qualification:  In order to compete in the MV District Championship a gymnast must compete in at least 1 AAU meet prior to the championship.

National qualification:  Any gymnasts who finish in the top 12 of their age group & level and score a 29 AA score will quality to attend the National AAU Championships.  Gymnast must compete at the same level in both Districts and Nationals.

Judging Panel:  Host gyms may elect to use a 1 or 2 judge panel.  All judges must be NAWGJ judges, and judge the levels for which they are rated.  It is highly recommended that all judges should be familiar with AAU rules and routines.   Some USAG rules will differ from AAU. 

Cathy Knott is the current AAU judging director.  It is highly recommended that host gyms contact Cathy (cathy.knott@aopaia.com)to request judges for your meet to avoid potential conflicts with other meets.    Judging fees and expenses are set by NAWGJ.


MV AAU National Championship Team

All individuals competing at the AAU Summer Nationals must purchase the AAU MV Team Leo and Coaches T-shirt.  Gymnasts and fan shirts shall be optional.  MV Team T-shirt shall have all Team names representing the MV team on the back of the shirt.  Leo shall be chosen by coaches attending the National Championships.  I think we should also do this for JOs and Winter Nationals to represent MV better.  Instead of being individual teams.

Qualifiers:  Any gymnast who qualifies at the District Championship may elect to participate in the National Championships.  Proper paperwork and fees must be submitted individually by date determined by the AAU National Organization.

Organization:  Following the District Meeting, those individuals interested in attending Nationals shall meet to discuss MV Team Leos and T-shirts etc.  One individual will be chosen or volunteer to organize team apparel for the district.  Tawnita Augustine from Heartland Allstars is this year’s rep.


Your current MV Officers

District Representative: Angie Curtis

Secretary: Lisa Thompson

National/Regional Representative: Tawnita Augustine

Judging Liaison: Cathy Knott

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